I am the 3rd (eldest daughter) of eleven children born and raised in Chicago, IL.  

My love for writing began in the 9th grade when my English Teacher gave a class assignment to keep a journal for the school year.

Many of the articles, meditations and short stories I write are based on entries from my personal journal that I've continued to keep since high school.

I am also a licensed and ordained minister.  I have studied under Baptist, Full Gospel, and Apostolic Instructors. During 42 years of ministry, I have served in 5 congregations as a teacher, evangelist, associate pastor, and women's pastor.

Published Works

"Child Like Faith" 2013 - Inspirational Story about Love, Hope and Faith


"A Mother's Day Thought" 2012 - Game of Life!

MOPS - Immanuel Lutheran Church, Macomb, Michigan

"The Highest Call" 2007 - A Woman's World

Faith Writers Magazine

"A Military Mom's Prayer" 2007 - Secure the Fort (and remain under God)

Xlibris Press

"Give Mom A Hand" (Craft Project) 2007

Highlights for Children

"Presents" 2004 - Christmas Programs for Children

Standard Publishing

"Losing Hair: My Battle with Breast Cancer" 2004

Exalt, Evangelize, & Edify - Milligan College, TN


Besides writing, I enjoy crafting and jewelry making.  I also like sharing my creative skills with others, especially children and young people.

About Me

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